The Weather Station

Toronto songwriter Tamara Lindeman self-produced her bold fourth LP. From front-to-back, the first Weather Station album that sounds as fleshed-out and powerful as the world it contains. Tamara Lindeman’s work as the Weather Station has been interrogation the self: putting sparse, intricate music to the narratives we construct from our lives and memories. While Lindeman often includes other characters in her songs, their presence mostly leads to deeper insight into her own mind. In “Shy Women,” from 2015’s Loyalty , she observes another woman’s increasing hardness with age, “as though it were mine.” In another track, she sings about friend looks similar to her that they get mistaken for sisters. The pair laugh it off, but there’s a quiet anxiety, she suggests, having someone accidentally become an appendage to your life. The Toronto songwriter’s self-titled fourth album further explores that strange intimacy. Its songs are passionate and sprawling, formless and unwieldy. Often, Lindeman fills them with more thoughts than they seem capable containing. “I don’t know what to say,” she sings at one point, “So I say too much.” There’s a desperation to her words, but Lindeman’s voice has […]

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