Theatre Review: ‘The Tempest’ at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

The cast of The Tempest. Photo provided by BSF. Baltimore Shakespeare Factory (BSF) is a theatre company like no other. As one of the cast members, Sian Edwards, announced before the show, BSF follows a few conventions in their performances that aren’t exactly typical of modern theatre: they leave the house lights on, they use gender-blind casting, they incorporate music into the production, and they interact with the audience quite a bit. As Edwards explained, these customs serve to create a theatrical experience wherein the audience is allowed to be a part of the storytelling; we’re not just passive observers, sitting in the dark of the theatre, but active participants, visible to one another. We are an important part of the story. Through their creative and unique approach to storytelling, BSF manages to present “The Tempest” in a way that is fresh, entertaining, and accessible—whether you are a lifelong Shakespeare lover or a first-time theatre-goer. “The Tempest” opens with a great storm overtaking King Alonso of Naples’s (Jim Hart) vessel as he and his crew are returning from his daughter’s wedding. The ship crashes onto an island inhabited only by Prospero (Zach Brewster-Geisz), a former Duke of Milan, his […]

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