There’s no secret to songwriting except hard work, says Cash Savage

Cash Savage stands in a doorway with her guitar “Nobody really knows what they’re doing,” says singer-songwriter Cash Savage after 15 so minutes on the phone spent talking – maybe should be trying to talk – about the difficulty of explaining one’s creative process. See, Savage knows, as so many creative do, how bloody impossible it is to put your process into words. Sure, you can talk about the particulars of it – what time of the day you sit down to write; how long it takes you; how you feel afterwards. But is something about the actual, practical making of art that doesn’t really belong to language; that eludes it somehow. “It’s so weird when someone asks about it,” Savage says. “When someone says, ‘What is writing to you?’ it’s very hard to answer. When you’re in that moment of writing, you really have no control. I ever really say when people ask is, ‘ make sure you’ve got a pen in your pocket.’ Because you never know when those moments of inspiration . I don’t think there’s many creative people in the world say they can manifest those moments […]

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