This grungy nursery rhyme encourages kids to brush their teeth

Japanese artist Mariko Suzuki-Bertocci hopes to encourage children to brush their teeth regularly with a stop-motion video that’s both unconventional yet effective. Seeing how her own kids hate brushing their teeth, Mariko sought to find a YouTube video that’ll change how they see the daily habit. However, she saw that most of these video were all the same: animated in 3D, and with the same old nursery rhyme. So Mariko decided to make her own. Using her knowledge in clay animation, she made a grungy video complete a catchy rock song from musician Sean Greathead. The result is something that’s refreshingly different – a children’s nursery rhyme seen through a different artistic style. Mariko was raised born and raised in Japan but has been living in NYC for the past 17 years. Aside from making clay animation, she also works in different media and styles, such as oil painting, coloured pencil illustrations, pen and ink drawings, and felt dioramas. We had the chance to talk to Mariko to find out more about her educational video. Take a look: We loved the animation you did here. Can you give us a little insight into the process behind it? “Thank you […]

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