Friends of Dunc… Posts: 21 Registered: 14 Jan, 14 4:05 AM Posts: 2,300 Registered: 12 May, 12 8:45 AM Friends of Duncan Library 2 wrote: This is against Amazon rules You’re making stuff up. Cite the rule. all replies I get from Amazon say we treat all sellers with same rules Amazon does treat all sellers with the same rules. You are not the only one who cannot sell this book. Many of replies told me have to have permission to sell books also. I do No, you do not have permission from Amazon to sell this book, as you have not met Amazon’s requirements. Posts: 5,460 Registered: 01 Mar, 12 4:23 PM Friends of Duncan Library 2 wrote: they can make all rules they want about stuff they own Amazon owns the website, and they can make all the rules they want about the website. In this case, they have a rule that you cannot sell copies of this book unless you purchased them wholesale from the publisher or a reputable distributor. Can I add any book I want to the shelves of your library, or does your library have rules on what books are added to its […]

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