Three Poems

Sleep Hygiene Protocol rewritten: Emotion Regulation Worksheet 14b; p. 307 Develop & follow a consistent sleep schedule even on weekends. Do not your bed in the daytime. Do not think of your bed in the daytime. Strip the bed & wash the linen each day. Strip the bed & hide the linen each day. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, heavy meals, heavy cream, heavy metals, heaviness of all kinds. Avoid sharp objects or objects. Avoid linen. Give yourself an hour to fall asleep. Strip the bed. Hide the bed. Gather the cat, a pillow, & all your James Wright. Get into the bathtub. Give yourself an hour to fall asleep. Repeat. DO NOT CATASTROPHIZE. Regather the cat. to the corner store to to Steven. Steven is awake & productive. Steven is okay. The cat is okay. Return home. Write a love to Marie. Write a therapy . Write only you know can be categorized by who do not love poetry. Burn the bed. Forget the bed—its damp & its memory. Roll out the yoga mat & practice corpse pose. Regather beneath the cat. Be still. Thrushes cluster at the sill & tell you […]

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