Three’s a Crowd – Writing an Effective Multiple Point of View Novel

Since reading my very first Jodi Picoult novel, I have loved books written in multiple points of view. Everyone has a different opinion of the world and the people in it. Everyone has a different past that has led them to those opinions. And everyone believes they are right about the world from their own perspective. It’s easy to forget that through the fog of our own prejudices. Multi-POV novels have the ability to show all the sides and, if they are done well, make even the most stubborn folks see things in a new way. I’ve changed my feelings toward a particular subject on more than one occasion, simply because I was shown the world through someone else’s eyes. That is a power unlike any other. But a multi-POV novel can be tricky to write, and, if you’re not careful, quickly confuse or irritate your reader. So, how do you avoid these pitfalls and write an amazing multi-perspective novel? Here are some tips to consider along the way. Give each of your POV characters a piece to the puzzle that can only be placed by them. My debut novel, The Rules of Half, is told from four points […]

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