Thupparivaalan (Movie review), Tamil – Mysskin

There is an incredibly choreographed fight sequence between Vishal and the Chennai-Chinese underlings at the Red Dragon Chinese restaurant in Thupparivaalan. During this extended, flamboyant sequence, at one point, Vishal dodges the multiple attackers and runs up a small staircase. As he does, a couple of underlings chase him and one of them tries to attack Vishal with a brutal looking knife. As he does, it hits the staircase’s steel handle repeatedly as Vishal dodges each hit. It seems oddly musical, like a sequence of musical notes (perhaps concocted by composer Arrol Corelli who is especially fantastic all through the film with a dizzying array of musical cues) – a progression in musical notes, to be accurate. If you think about it though, you’d notice that the steel handle is being hit by the same knife and the railing is a simple steel tube like any other with no additional construct. The musical progression that plays in the background should have ideally been one without any progression – a series of similar notes repeated 4-5 times. But Mysskin wants dramatic tension here. So he plays those notes as an ascending progression, each note accentuating the tension. This is the […]

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