(Pic­ture: Shut­ter­stock) Mil­lions of Jew­ish peo­ple across the world will mark Tisha B’Av today – one of the most solemn dates in the Jew­ish cal­en­dar. The ninth day of the month of Av is day of great tragedy and a time to a time to remem­ber the tens of thou­sands of Jews mur­dered for their believes. Not just in the last cen­tu­ry but dat­ing right back to 586BCE when thou­sands were killed when the first tem­ple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Baby­lon­ian Neb­uchad­nez­zar. Here are a num­ber of poems and quotes to share. Poems to pay trib­ute to those who died Ultra Ortho­dox Jews sleep at the syn­a­gogue in the West­ern Wall (Pic­ture: Get­ty) 1) Papyrus sways tuft-like in the gen­tle wind, Water tin­kles and trick­les in aur­al sen­sa­tions, Blue sky opens to for­ev­er behind and beyond, Sun warms away the chill of lone­li­ness. For I sit alone far from you. I am not with you, oh daugh­ter of Zion. I sit not with­in your walls, Jerusalem of Gold. Ancient city of grace and hope, I am far from you. Ances­tors’ sobs echo through wind­ing old city streets Then set­tle here, to min­gle in my mod­ern ears, Over thou­sands […]