Toni Morrison delights during career review at Kleinhans

Nobel Prize-winning author addresses sold-out crowd in Buffalo Courtesy of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders | All the makings of a historic night were visible Kleinhans on Thursday night. Renowned author Morrison took the stage in another installment of Buffalo Literary Center’s 2017-18 BABEL series. Morrison, on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Luther King Jr.’s address in the same venue, discussed her lengthy career and discussed each of her 11 well-read novels. Before the event, singer-songwriter Drea d’Nur opened the evening with a dose of . The artist played a deep ranging rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come” met with thunderous applause. Cole, artistic of the Just Buffalo Literary Center followed with recollections of King’s address at the venue. Cole said ’s still great lengths for America to go to solve issues of racial injustice. Morrison kicked off her address by noting Buffalo’s large size and beautiful architecture, right before “dauntingly” referencing the speech’s relationship to King’s historic address. King’s historic shadow may have been cast over the venue, but the author made it her night. She recalled a recent mis-count she had on her novels and said writing had never been “preordained” […]

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