Top 10 Fiction Books I Read in 2017

Yesterday I shared my Top 10 Non-Fiction Reads from 2017. Turns , that was the easy list. I didn’t read nearly as much non-fiction so it was lot easier to sort through my reads, rank them, and pick the top 10. Today, I’m sharing my Top 10 Fiction Reads from 2017. This was hard list to make because I did read so many that I enjoyed last year. Honestly, if I think about this list too much, I’ll probably rearrange the whole thing for the fifth time. So, here goes: Top 10 Fiction I Read in 2017 Hands down, my favorite fiction read of the year. I loved this ! The funny thing is that it was my third attempt at reading it. I first attempted to read it about 10 years ago and abandoned it about 50 pages in. Boring. I tried again at the recommendation of a friend about 5 years ago, but abandoned it about 100 pages in. Boring. But I hear raving reviews about it all the time from intelligent people whose reading taste I respect, so I gave it a go one more time. Third time’s the charm. This […]

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