Top 10 Fiction Books I Read in 2017

Yesterday I shared my Top 10 Non-Fiction Reads from 2017. Turns out, that was the easy list. I didn’t read nearly as much non-fiction so it was a lot easier to sort through my reads, rank them, and pick the top 10. Today, I’m sharing my Top 10 Fiction Reads from 2017. This was a hard list to make because I really did read so many books that I enjoyed last year. Honestly, if I think about this list too much, I’ll probably rearrange the whole thing for the fifth time. So, here goes: Top 10 Fiction Books I Read in 2017 Hands down, my favorite fiction read of the year. I loved this book! The funny thing is that it was my third attempt at reading it. I first attempted to read it about 10 years ago and abandoned it about 50 pages in. Boring. I tried again at the recommendation of a friend about 5 years ago, but abandoned it about 100 pages in. Boring. But I hear raving reviews about it all the time from intelligent people whose reading taste I respect, so I gave it a go one more time. Third time’s the charm. This […]

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