In , 8 children’s books by writer Korney Chukovsky were published, with total print run of 2.35 million copies, making him the popular children’s author for that year. RBTH found print run data on other popular children’s authors from Russia’s Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications (Rospechat). Research by RBTH finds these 10 authors to be the popular in Russia in 2016, according to official print run state statistics. Korney Chukovsky, 198 books, 2.35 million copies Soviet children’s poet Korney Chukovsky (C) reading out his fairy tales at the Children’s Book . Source: Alexander Batanov/TASS It’s accident that Chukovsky’s books are published in large numbers. In the Soviet Union his books were printed in multi-million-copy editions, and today he’s one of the most popular children’s . The success of his book, Crocodile, be compared to that of Harry Potter . He had a lively writing style and loved children. In turn, children loved his poems with devotion and know many of them by heart. Read more about Chukovsky here>>> Agniya Barto, 115 books, 1.19 million copies Agniya Barto. Song about birds. Source: by Genrikh Valk The simple poems of Agniyo Barto […]

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