Transformers: The Last Knight Movie “Transformers: The Last Knight” opens and closes chaos. The first scene features bodies flying everywhere as flames pierce the sky in Bay ’s reimagining of the Knights of the Round Table, in which Merlin’s magic is a gift from the alien robots so know and love. The last scenes, and this is no spoiler if you’ve ever seen a Michael Bay movie, feature bodies flying everywhere as metal and flames pierce the sky. In between, there’s a bit of mythology, running and screaming, a ton of slo-mo, a dash of racism, a great actor wasted in a character who could have been named “Exposition Dump,” and so much incoherent noise that you’ll want to bang head on the seat in front of you just to get some rest. two sequels that took the fun spirit of the “ Transformers ” and turned them into something with the artistic depth of a Monster Energy Drink, Bay appeared to reboot the franchise with the relatively solid “ Transformers: Age of Extinction .” He found one of our most charismatic leading men in Wahlberg , gave him an awesomely […]