‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Review: Make It Stop

Transformers: The Last Knight is Transformers . There have been five of these now, so you know what that means. Director Michael Bay has helmed of them, so you know what you’re . The Last Knight holds no surprises. It is , designed to sell toys, keep an IP chugging along, and allow Bay to play with a budget. Consideration for the audience is secondary. It’ rare to see such active disdain for character and storytelling, but that’ what you get with a Transformers movie, and The Last Knight is no different. The question the film raises in so many ways is “Why?” And it’ not just a “Why?” pertaining to the numerous plotholes, shortcuts, character decisions, and else that takes in The Last Knight . The question “Why?” emerges as to what purpose a Transformers movie serves in a blockbuster landscape that offers stories, direction, and set pieces. Why should endure Michael Bay’s Transformers movies when can do so much better? The Last Knight surprisingly begins on a promising note as Bay gets to change it up a bit, relishing the opportunity to do a medieval battle scene […]

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