Translating poetry opens up new worlds of language

Book Name: Verses of Wahab Khar(Translation) : Mushtaque B Barq Reviewer: Perveiz Ali Publisher: Jay Kay Books (Kashmir) Year of Publishing: 2017 Pp: 127 Price: INR 595|USD10.95$(Hardbound) ISBN : 978-93-83908-25-7 Let’s with two basic back to back. Can poetry be translated? And is there any purpose in translating poetry? Of course , poetry can be translated and to be more specific, it is. No doubt there are more who would raise their fingers in reservation to this question but aren’t they expecting to have a replica of the original in their hands rather translation. To create replica is really impossible, and translations are never aimed to achieve it but an utmost attempt to come close to the thought of poet and pass it on with sublimity. Had such reservation overpowered the will of the translators, could it have been possible to disseminate the thoughts, nay, treasure trove of thoughts of thousands of mystic poets born in different parents of the world like the legendary Sufi-Poet Mulana Rumi to the millions of English people? Mulana Rumi emerged as the widely read poet in the United Stated because of the accessibility of translations of […]

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