Bjorn Holland/ The Image Bank/ Getty Images In Warner Bros.’ Troy movie, certain decisions were made that had dramatic and, depending on how you look at the Troy movie, devastating consequences. Chief among these was the elimination of the involvement of the gods and goddesses in the lives of men at Troy. Without the hand of Apollo to guide the arm of Paris, Achilles should have survived and might well have lived long enough to be inside the Trojan Horse. Without the hand of Aphrodite , Paris should have died, killed at the hand of Menelaus — or, in an alternate reality of the Troy movie, fled for safety to his brother. In this alternate Hollywood-reality, it makes some sense that Hector would kill Menelaus to save his brother’s life, although the code of honor that the warriors followed — in ancient times as in the Troy movie — makes this action questionable. Perhaps it was only because of the intervention of the gods that the ​ Trojan War lasted 10 years in the original, rather than the 2 weeks of Wolfgang Petersen’s godless rendition. You’ll have to get over the time problem, the presence of Achilles in the […]