‘Twin Peaks’ Episode 8 Explained: Top Theories & Clues

Xolo Mariduena and Tikaeni Faircrest in a still from Twin Peaks. (Showtime) If you didn’t think Twin Peaks had outdone itself yet in the level of crazy-over-the-top-what-on-Earth-just-happened storytelling, then Episode 8 was the day for all of that and more to happen. Remember back in the day when we thought midgets and red rooms and giants were strange? It was a first for television back then, but we had no idea what was in store. Episode 8 was incredibly confusing, but fans have managed to parse some tantalizing clues and theories from the episode. Spoilers for Episode 8 of Season 8 are below. First, a quick rundown of what happened. Not!Cooper (aka Mr. C) throws his phone out the car window. Ray assures him that he has something important memorized, both numbers and letters, and it will be worth a lot. But then he tricks Mr. C and shoots and kills him. Then crazy Burned Woodsmen demon creatures appear and cover Mr. C with blood before bringing him back to life. By this point, Ray has wisely taken off and is talking to someone on the phone about how this was his plan and he’s not sure Mr. C […]

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