Xolo Maridue­na and Tikaeni Fair­crest in a still from Twin Peaks. (Show­time) If you didn’t think Twin Peaks had out­done itself yet in the lev­el of crazy-over-the-top-what-on-Earth-just-hap­pened sto­ry­telling, then Episode 8 was the day for all of that and more to hap­pen. Remem­ber back in the day when we thought midgets and red rooms and giants were strange? It was a first for tele­vi­sion back then, but we had no idea what was in store. Episode 8 was incred­i­bly con­fus­ing, but fans have man­aged to parse some tan­ta­liz­ing clues and the­o­ries from the episode. Spoil­ers for Episode 8 of Sea­son 8 are below. First, a quick run­down of what hap­pened. Not!Cooper (aka Mr. C) throws his phone out the car win­dow. Ray assures him that he has some­thing impor­tant mem­o­rized, both num­bers and let­ters, and it will be worth a lot. But then he tricks Mr. C and shoots and kills him. Then crazy Burned Woods­men demon crea­tures appear and cov­er Mr. C with blood before bring­ing him back to life. By this point, Ray has wise­ly tak­en off and is talk­ing to some­one on the phone about how this was his plan and he’s not sure Mr. C […]