Twin Peaks Recap: I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds

Carel Struycken as The Giant, Joy Nash as Senorita Dido. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime The first nuclear explosion looked small, from a distance. Everything horrible looks small from enough of a distance: the destruction of a , a country, a world. The cloud bloomed like an electric flower over the nothingness like creation in reverse, going out instead of coming in. The code name of the first nuclear test was “Trinity,” a plucked by Los Alamos physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer from the works of John Donne , one of the greatest metaphysical poets in history. The way Oppenheimer described the naming is Lynchian in the extreme : “Why I chose the name is not clear, but I know what thoughts were in my mind. There is a poem of John Donne, written just before his death, which I know love. From it a quotation: ‘As East / In all flat Maps— I am one—are one, / So death doth touch the Resurrection.’” On July 16, 1945, somewhere in the empty desert of Sands, New Mexico, a new of death touched the world, one previously reserved for acts of god. The ability to […]

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