Two Hearts and No Brain

his songwriting muscles on a hook-filled, razor-sharp album. Kane Strang After earning a sizable following in his native New Zealand with last year’ Blue Cheese album, Kane Strang found himself a band and signed to international label Dead Oceans to release an album sees the Dunedin-based artist make huge strides as an intelligent and emotive songwriter. an album that takes inspiration from ‘60 psychedelia and guitar pop bands like the Zombies and the Kinks and mixes in some early noughties New York rock in the form of Interpol and the Strokes to give the thing some bite. This jittery fusion of alt-rock with ‘60 pop nous has resulted in a refreshingly unflashy yet ambitious indie record replete with a bountiful array of tightly-chiseled hooks, taut melodies and a sophisticated, confident edge to his songwriting. Strang postulates on the things that affect us all on an album of stories, reflections, and anecdotes where the line between autobiography and biography is blurred. The album starts with the instantly catchy “Lagoons”, a highly polished indie song but with an underlying sharpness. Built around an Interpol-esque bass line, acting as the bedrock for a bright ‘60 pop […]

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