Spring comes, grass grows;
We become as we are told.
Suffering on suffering, fear on form,
Through existence;
The self was born.

Claiming. Blaming. Memories taught!
A catastrophe of human thought.
Tiny mansions; inward warren.
Lords and ladies; servants none.
We are as we become.
Chained to the future;
Life is driven.
From the past it is riven.

Enter now, this world reborn;
Boundless beauty, formless form.
Stillness, insight — let wisdom rise;
No longer the self divide.
This moving, reflective, vital now;
Surrendered self I do avow.

Whispers clear I can hear;
Wholeness now becoming clear.
The feeling once named no longer is.
Without a name; becomes something new.
Memories color perceptions hue.

© 2017, glucas. All rights reserved.