One of the most common challenges writers face in the character development process is conveying personalities (even those of side characters) in a naturally complex and believable way. Success in this aspect can mean the difference between a two-dimensional story and an immersive experience. But what’s the best way to get to know your characters intimately enough to bring them to life? Here, Joan Dempsey dives into the heart of a critical element that can help you flesh out—no pun intended—your characters and enrich your novel. This guest post is by Joan Dempsey, winner of the 2017 Poets & Writers Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award and author of This Is How It Begins, A Novel (She Writes Press, October 2017. Joan helps serious creative writers master the craft of revision through free resources, online courses and one-on-one feedback. Learn more at . Here’s something I hear all the time from fiction writers: “How can I make my characters more interesting?” I’m always glad for that question, since I routinely encounter lifeless characters when reading fiction from emerging writers. If I was restricted to one answer only, this would be it: Embody your characters! Get directly inside their bodies. […]

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