One of the most challenges writers face in the character development process is conveying personalities (even those of side characters) in a naturally complex and believable way. Success in this aspect can mean the difference between a two-dimensional story and an immersive . But what’s the best way to get to know your characters intimately enough to bring them to life? Here, Joan Dempsey dives into the heart of a critical element can help you flesh out—no pun intended—your characters and enrich your novel. This guest post is by Joan Dempsey, winner of the 2017 Poets & Writers Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award and author of This Is How It Begins, A Novel (She Writes Press, October 2017. Joan helps serious writers master the of revision free , and one-on-one feedback. more at . Here’s something I hear all the time from fiction writers: “How can I make my characters more interesting?” I’m always glad for question, since I routinely encounter lifeless characters reading fiction from emerging writers. If I was restricted to one answer only, this would be it: Embody your characters! Get directly inside their bodies. […]

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