Rat­ing: 5 out of 10 Cast: Dane DeHaan as Valer­ian Cara Delev­ingne as Lau­re­line Clive Owen as Arün Fil­itt Rihan­na as Bub­ble Ethan Hawke as Jol­ly the Pimp Her­bie Han­cock Kris Wu as Sergeant Neza Rut­ger Hauer as the Pres­i­dent of the Human Fed­er­a­tion John Good­man as the voice of Igon Siruss Eliz­a­beth Debic­ki as the voice of Haban Limaï Sam Spru­ell as Gen­er­al Okto Bar Alain Cha­bat as Bob the Pirate Valer­ian and the City of a Thou­sand Plan­ets Review: There are all kinds of direc­tors. There are direc­tors who focus on words, deliv­er­ing intel­lec­tu­al and some­times com­plex works amid flat or basic back­grounds. There are direc­tors with fan­tas­tic visu­al sto­ry­telling sen­si­bil­i­ties, not just able to cre­ate a mes­mer­iz­ing mise en scène but to deliv­er per­ti­nent infor­ma­tion with it. And there are the rare, rare few who are both, let­ting words and pic­tures inter­min­gle and sup­port one anoth­er with­out play­ing favorites. Luc Besson is not one of the rare ones. It shouldn’t sur­prise any­one that a found­ing mem­ber (so to speak) of Ciné­ma du look is more capa­ble with visu­als than words, and in film that’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly a draw­back. As long as a film­mak­er under­stands how dia­logue […]