Vonny Leclerc: How writing like a girl makes us sabotage our ambitions

Women risk being called curt and bossy when they’re direct, and not getting done when they soften up AS a writer, I regularly about words. As a woman writer, I a about how those words are ‘heard’. And I’m not alone. There has been a growing preoccupation with the way women speak. I’ve read countless articles on uptalk (the rising inflection that makes a statement sound like a question) and the obsession over vocal fry (a snappy name for “pulse register, laryngealisation”, or a sort of creaking out of words) that makes female presenters “impossible to listen to”. there’s, like, the random sprinkling of sorries, likes, justs, that diminish our supposed “executive power”. Yadda, yadda, yadda. If you’re a woman bobbing your head in agreement, spotting yourself in these habits, stop. Men do these things too. voices fry, they upspeak, but there’s no spate of articles telling them to sort it if they want to get ahead. Men’s speech, written or aloud, is the default authoritative voice. speech acts are set against a of a naturally powerful speaker. Predictably, there’s an entire industry preying on women’s anxieties about careers, […]

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