Wade Bowen on how the Boss, Guy Clark, and the Eagles inspired new album Solid Ground

Cambria Harkey For his upcoming LP, Solid Ground , due out Friday via Thirty Tigers, Wade Bowen sought to honor the musical, well, ground, he was raised on in Texas. As such, across the collection’s 11 songs, 10 of which he wrote or co-wrote, Bowen toys with Americana and traditional red dirt stylings and even, like on “Day of the Dead,” mariachi. Fellow Lone Star State musicians Miranda Lambert and Jack Ingram show up on “So Long 6th Street,” a woeful missive to Austin, Texas, where Bowen cut his teeth as a new artist, and John Randall appears on the album highlight “Death, Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs.” Below, Bowen breaks down the major influences that shaped Ground , from Bruce Springsteen’s visceral songwriting to the Eagles’ penchant for melodrama. “They have fun but they leave you with something to think about as well,” Bowen says of the through-line. “That’s what I try to do. I want people to smile, stomp their feet, and clap along, but I still want them to get something out of the show. I’ve always been very intense, very lyrically driven. I love feeling all of those emotions.” Bruce Springsteen “I was a late bloomer […]

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