Watch: 3 Storytelling Devices From the Strikingly Similar 'Logan' and 'Children of Men'

Logan Children Men The of ‘Logan’ ‘Children of Men’ follow similar paths to redemption. [Spoiler alert: This post contains significant plot points from both films.] The final installment in the X-Men series, Logan, is and away the bleakest, and, in many ways, most realistic to come out of that franchise. In this latest video from Lessons from the Screenplay , Tucker argues that, on a story level, Logan uses many of the same archetypes and storytelling principles does another film, Children of Men . While some have pointed out the similarities between the two films before, Tucker particularly notes the parallel tale- of two disillusioned heroes. See his essay below and read on for our on three useful storytelling devices the films use in their bleak, but ultimately hopeful, stories. 1. The "Lie in the Normal World" At the beginning of both films, the main characters are trapped inside self-defeating lies about themselves, as well as about the way the world works. Quoting from KM Weiland’s on creating arcs, "the normal world dramatizes the lie the character believes. It empowers the character in that way, giving him no reason to […]

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