Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield: ‘I Can’t Believe People Are Going To Hear This’

Katie Crutchfield is nervous. It’s a few weeks before the release of new album, Out in the Storm , and the 28-year-old singer-songwriter — known for deeply personal, candid work — is only beginning to come to terms with the fact that she’ll soon be sharing with the world the most unflinching and detailed record she’s ever . she puts it in the lead track, “Never Been Wrong,” “ will hear me complain/ will pity my pain.” the past decade or Crutchfield has played in a variety of upstart DIY bands that blend folkie intimacy with cascading electric guitars, often sharing the stage with her twin sister, Allison. Out in the Storm is her fourth release as Waxahatchee, and her second for the indie mainstay Merge Records. She’s long been celebrated for the emotional directness of her songwriting, which places a magnifying glass on her own flawed tendencies and relatable shortcomings. But Crutchfield has never put out a record quite raw or detailed as her latest, which chronicles the dissolution of her long-term relationship with romantic and professional partner Keith Spencer. “I can’t believe people are going to hear this,” says Crutchfield, […]

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