Weird facts about Valentine’s Day

Can chocolate cure broken heart? Picture: The Cairns LOVE is never as or as straight forward as it seems nor is Valentine’s Day. The day of lovers’ is a date steeped in blood misery one championed by the world’s most famous writer into the of romance it has become. BLOODY ORIGINS OF LOVE Historians are divided over the exact origins of Valentine’s Day but either way its bloody brutal early days are a cry from the romance it is associated with . Much love, and credit, is given to the Romans for the birth of Valentine’s Day. to one theory, the Romans celebrated the Feast of Lupercalia from February 13 to 15. During this festival animals were sacrificed and women were then whipped with the hides of the slain animals in the belief it would make them fertile. Saint Valentine baptises St Lucilla before his execution, in a 16th century painting by Jacopo da Ponte. Picture: Supplied Yale historian Noel Lenski told NPR the Roman romantics "were drunk and naked" during the outrageous celebration. Another theory says our worldwide day of love is owed to martyred Saint Valentine or […]

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