We're Down With You Being—or Your Being?—a Square

Are you afraid that your love of grammar makes you square? Don7;t worry, but do pick one: A. Your love of grammar has nothing to do with your being a square. B. Your love of grammar has nothing to do with you being a square. Which one did you pick, " your being a square" or " you being a square"? Or did they both seem fine? It7;s OK, we love you no matter , and we7;re going to tell you everything you need to know both options. (We also note that we here at Merriam-Webster think grammar-loving squares are about the coolest cats around. <3) There little difference meaning between "your being a square" and "you being a square," but a surprising difference the grammatical structure of the sentence. The difference between " your being a square" and " you being a square" is, of course, that the pronoun is the possessive pronoun your one and the personal pronoun you the other. Other than that, though, the sentences basically mean the same thing, which is strange. These kinds of pronouns aren’t typically interchangeable; "That black beret is hers" doesn’t mean […]

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