To encourage discourse at the online science fiction book club I moderate, I began thinking what we talk when we talk science fiction. At the broadest level, we talk storytelling and writing, is part of fiction. At the next level, we discuss how we felt about experiencing a book. Essentially, this level is about entertainment and doesn’t directly deal with science fiction either. At the third level, we compare the science fictional elements in the story to science fiction we’ve read in the past. science fictional concepts are unoriginal, recursive, and depend on previous science fiction. At the final level, the level where we actually talk about science fiction, is where we examine the original science fictional speculation in a story. It’s rather hard to write original science fiction after H. . Wells and Olaf Stapledon, even though I’m quite sure they cribbed their inspiration from others, too. If you read science fiction, you’ll discover most science fictional concepts been around for a time. Many go back at a hundred years, some for hundreds of years, and few for thousands. If you compare science fiction, fantasy, and […]