Ruskin Bond as a man, photographed in Delhi’s Patel Nagar. One of our best-loved writers, Ruskin Bond finally his autobiography, titled Lone Fox Dancing, which charts, in great detail and characteristic panache, the unlikely trajectory of the author’s : from his childhood in Jamnagar to his writerly retreat in Mussoorie. Presented here excerpt. Sitting in the mountains, remember the sea: tinsel on a vast field of water, and sunny white sheets billowing in the wind. remember a forest of nodding flowers and patches of , yellow, green and blue light on a wall. And I remember a little boy who ate a lot of kofta curry and was used to having his way. My mother always said I was the most troublesome of all her children— angel in front of strangers, and a stubborn little devil at home. Mothers often say that of their firstborn, who are inclined to look down on the competition, but mine did so with reason. Evidence of my stubborn nature must have emerged when I was or four. Baby photos show me as something of a cherub, always smiling, chubby, charming, cheeky. Visitors […]

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