What’s at the Root of Your Writing Impasse?

In recent post about Writers Write: Lessons Learned from Monica Hesse , professional writer Deb Hemley ( @dhemley ) explored writing in-depth narrative nonfiction can require immersing yourself in the story. Today, she discusses to continue writing immersion isn’t enough to keep the words flowing. Sometimes, even after the immersive writing experiences, you may still reach an impasse in your writing. What you then to keep the words flowing? Discover what’s at the root of the writing impasse. Let’s examine a few strategies that will help keep the words flowing as you gain clarity on what’s causing the obstacle. Courting Inspiration Inspiration for your subject matter needs to remain high throughout the writing process. If you feel blocked and can’t get the creative juice flowing, maybe you lack inspiration. Julia Goldberg in her book, Story: Everyone’s Guide to Reporting and Writing Creative Nonfiction says, “Spending time thinking about writing, reading as much as possible, and courting inspiration are all part of the [writing practice] amalgam. Part of courting inspiration is learning what makes you excited to write.” Courting inspiration can come in many different forms: reading books and magazines about […]

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