What seems a straightforward question doesn’t mean there’s a straightforward answer. when a writer has completed a story, it’s not always clear when she should edit. ’s because a lot of writers will simply go back and tinker various chapters, which the writing process carries on without any definitive break or proper editing. This is common with new writers. They write, then go back a few chapters and change things, then carry on writing, and then they go back and change things again and so on, in a perpetual cycle, so nothing constructive gets done. writers reach the end, but then immediately start about the unresolved issue in chapter 14. Or there’s a subplot that they forgot to address. Or they should have added something in that all important action scene between the hero and the villain. Immediately they go back to add and change things. And because they change things in the proceeding chapters, they then find they have to change things in latter chapters in for the story to fit. But that isn’t editing. It’s toying with the story and it doesn’t help. These behaviours mean that the […]

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