Cour­tesy of Ali­son Cohen Rosa/​Focus Fea­tures. Col­in Trevorrow’s lat­est film, fam­i­ly tale called The of Hen­ry, is get­ting tru­ly ter­ri­ble reviews. How ter­ri­ble? ’s about 23 per­cent on Rot­ten Toma­toes , and only a slight­ly bet­ter 31 per­cent on Meta­crit­ic , which has cement­ed its rep­u­ta­tion as the worst film Trevor­row has direct­ed so far. This mas­sive stum­ble has con­cerned some Star Wars fans, since Trevor­row is already set to helm the upcom­ing ninth offi­cial install­ment in the icon­ic fran­chise. After this poor show­ing, could he suf­fer the same fate as Josh Trank, who was sup­posed to direct a Star Wars spin-off film before leav­ing the project amid rumors of “errat­ic behav­ior” on the set of his crit­i­cal­ly drubbed 2015 Fan­tas­tic Four —or, more recent­ly, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, two dis­tinc­tive direc­tors who chafed against Lucasfilm’s restraints and were ulti­mate­ly fired from the Han Solo film? In Trevorrow’s case … prob­a­bly not, and there a few rea­sons why. Unlike Lord, Miller, and Trank, Trevor­row had in with the world of Lucas­film before he board­ed Star Wars —and has been privy to the machi­na­tions of bil­lion-dol­lar film­mak­ing before. This is thanks […]

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