Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to they’re e-mail questions to me at [email protected]). Reader JumborgAce wrote in to ask: This has always kinda bugged me: why in Silver Age comic books (and more?) does the bottom of the page tell you that the story “continues after the 3rd page” (of ads)? As a reader you can see that the story continues (even a kid could see that) and, I assume the artist of the story would have no idea about where ad placement went. The answer to this sort of ties into an article I did somewhat recently about the shifting page counts in comic books over the years and then also about the shift in the TYPES of stories being told in comic books. Generally speaking, when comic books began, each comic book was treated sort of like an anthology. Even when the book was dedicated to a single character (like Superman or Captain America Comics), the book would contain a collection of short stories starring the main character (or, occasionally, other heroes, as Captain America Comics would often feature stories starring many different […]

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