“Why do people older than 50 on Quora write answers without bluntness and clarity? There is some sort of overburdening writing style.” This question is endemic of all the reasons people over fifty take their time to write something meaningful. When did being rude and condescending become a desirable way to communicate? I’ll explain. Being blunt is not a complimentary term. It is a term that among people over fifty, would mean you don’t get invited to dinner parties, outings on the Riviera, or to have tea and crumpets with the Queen. Bluntness is generally considered to be the tool of the undereducated, the rude, the uncivilized and unwashed masses who can’t be bothered with diplomacy because other people just don’t matter much to the speaker or the writer. I know words have less meaning these days with everyone preferring to communicate with emojis and the like but I am going to try to help. Back before computers ruled the world, there were things called dictionaries. blunt: adjective (part of speech used to define something) (of a knife, pencil, etc.) having a worn-down edge or point; not sharp."a blunt knife" synonyms: unsharpened, dull, worn, edgeless"a blunt knife" (of a […]