Why History's Most Valuable Comic Book Was Destroyed On Purpose

Many of nerds a sweet comic book collection, I’d wager they would look a little bit nicer with a copy of Action Comics #1. The issue featuring Superman’s debut is the single most valuable comic book in history. In 2014, a copy sold for $3 million. Its value is not just based on the immeasurable effect that it had, and continues have on the world, but also because there aren’t many copies left. Wartime efforts recycle paper, sometimes printed in the comics themselves, means that it’s incredibly difficult find comic books from the golden age of the ’30s and ’40s, especially one in pristine condition. And that is made even harder for Superman because the publishers ran a contest that effectively asked readers destroy their copy of Action Comics #1, and the sad news is, we have a record of who did exactly that. Watch the video below or keep reading learn more! Superman’s Super Splash Superman’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, claim it took them six years sell their story which was originally conceived as a newspaper comic strip. They cut the strip up into a […]

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