Why I decided to write out my fears

Photo: iStockphoto I find it amusing to come face to face with my fears because I take myself pretty seriously as a grown-up and grown-ups are not supposed to have childish fears. Right? Yet, fears are so tenacious. You think you are done with them, you have gained confidence and experience, and then suddenly you are about to do something you have done many times before and you realize that you are afraid of all kinds of vague possibilities all over again. I remember making a list of my anxieties when I first started writing this column in June 2011. I was whining because writing about being a parent to young children would mean that I would have to be more self-aware. I would have to be more present. To be able to write anything worth reading, I would have to be honest. To be honest, I would have to be good, because even though it feels wasteful to be a responsible adult when no one significant is watching, it is much more awkward to be nasty and then have to be honest about it. Being good is hard work but over time we find out that it sure […]

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