Why I hate doing freestyle poems // freestyle poem

. ┌─────── ⋆⋅ :pencil: ⋅⋆ ───────┐ . Why I hate doing freestyle poems And why I7;m doing right now As own revolt against myself attempt to free myself from stigma And perhaps, others the process Well, then, let’s start The Masters Renaissance trained To become Master Artists Education about anatomy Paints and easels and sponsorship Must’ve nice But perhaps the same way, the old condemns the young Perhaps, these Renaissance men suffered the same social attacks Every new knowledge and anyone who had potential Had shot down the they were spotted But Ol’ Albert has said: Know the rules, then break them But somehow, I couldn’t find strength to break the things I’m used to. There are rules to prevent people like me to ramble on because there’s so much to talk about and is something as thick as this line still be called poetry? I claim myself a poet I laugh I realize today I know nothing of poetry I still have got lots of questions I search for myself Or if kindly, tell me x The old art have died To give way to freedom The old cared […]

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