People usually write poetry for themselves, for someone in reticular, in the belief that we all share experiences in common, or to convince and inform others about something. Poetry is vital language, which relies on the writer’s feelings, history and perceptions, so every person has the background needed to write poems. Poetry describes our cultural Identity through meaning and the way It was written as well. Many poets write poems to express their feelings and their thoughts. Their ideas and thought about things are stated through the poems they write and the poem gives it more feeling to get the message across. Poems like the odder poem, ‘Karen’ by Camille Woodward, had changed the way many people thought about cleaners. This poem is based on the poet’s feelings and thoughts when she realizes that there Is another part to a cleaner- another ‘dimension’. Camille Woodward wrote this poem to express the feelings of frustration to people who only perceived others as only having one role. Her uses of poetic techniques, such as writing in the cleaner’s perspective, in this poem led to the realization of the multiple dimensions of others to the world. Poetry was important in the past […]

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