Last year, Netflix’s retro sci-fi show Stranger Things exploded onto the pop culture scene and quickly developed a huge fan following. As with all big fandoms, there were certain memes and hashtags that caught on quickly. One of these tags was “#JusticeforBarb,” named in honor of Barb (Shannon Purser), the doomed best friend of Nancy (Natalia Dyer). Despite only being in three episodes, Barb gained a surprisingly passionate following, with fans complaining about the lack of attention centered on her disappearance, and in general the lack of care the other characters seemed to display. The hashtags and memes have continued for a year now, and recently culminated in Purser receiving a nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series at the 2017 Emmy awards. But even as her legions of fans celebrated, numerous news outlets raised a question over the nomination. Many felt it was more a nod to audiences than an actual nod to Purser’s performance. Purser has begun a steady career, but her work as Barb is hardly noteworthy, especially given the snubs at the Emmys this year . Even from her own series, Winona Ryder failed to receive a nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and […]

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