With debut show 'Lizzie,' Firebrand Theatre comes out swinging

"Lizzie" is the first show by feminist Firebrand Theatre, stars Camille Robinson, left, and Liz Chidester. (Marisa KM photo) A rock apologia for she of the 40 whacks, “Lizzie” is the first production from Chicago’s new Firebrand Theatre, which declares itself to be “the world’s first and foremost feminist musical theater company.” With an audacious claim like that you’d better come roaring out of the den, and that’s exactly what happens with the dynamic “Lizzie,” a thrilling all-female production that takes what generally has been perceived as a camp and pulpy piece of singing splatter theater and recasts it as a furiously performed declaration of feminist strength and survivorship in the face of abuse. As directed by Victoria Bussert (a director with a level of experience you don’t usually see working in a small studio in Wicker Park), “Lizzie” is a show tailor-made for its moment. With four fabulously committed, and technically accomplished, vocal performances from Liz Chidester, Jacquelyne Jones, Camille Robinson and Leah Davis, “Lizzie” deserves to be a smash hit for Firebrand, an Equity-affiliated company and the brainchild of the actress Harmony France. On Sunday afternoon, the Bookspan Theatre at the Den on Milwaukee Avenue was filled […]

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