Women don’t write national plays? ‘Well they can, and they do’

In 2018, a diversity of Irish women’s voices will take their place on the national stage Deirdre Kinahan: “People ask ‘How do you feel about being on the main stage?’ I say bring it on.” Photograph: Shane Cowley It is two years since the Abbey Theatre began its programme to commemorate the centenary of 1916, ushering in a new gender consciousness in Irish theatre spearheaded by Waking the Feminists. The Abbey’s 2018 season reflects this new cultural climate. In a theatre that has historically struggled to represent women’s voices, the news that it will premiere seven new plays by Irish women this year seems not just noteworthy but miraculous. On its major and minor stages, the Abbey will showcase the work of established names such as Deirdre Kinahan and Marina Carr , experimental collaborators such as Gina Moxley and Louise Lowe , and emerging voices such as Margaret Perry and Meadhbh McHugh . This year we will see a diversity of Irish women’s voices, past and present, taking their place on the national stage. The season begins in earnest this month with the premiere of two new plays by Margaret Perry and Deirdre Kinahan. Perry makes her professional debut […]

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