Directed by Todd Haynes (Carol), Wonderstruck focuses on the lives of two kids two different time periods, who both set off on their own very personal New York adventures. Ben ( Oakes Fegley ) longs to know the identity of father as it may provide some insight into own and mindset. Rose ( Millicent Simmonds ), meanwhile, fantasises about becoming like favourite actress, whom she follows and bookmarks in scrapbook. After into this film having seen barely half of a trailer and not knowing what to expect, I walked away loving it from start to… almost finish. It consists of a very interesting, very powerful story with a tonne of heart, packed to the brim with emotion and flourishing with very magical tones. It essentially two stories, two stories directly linked not through plot but through the exploration of certain themes and ideas. The focus on incorporating themes into the story a major element of the movie being able to very effectively represent that to the audience a must if people are going to respond positively. It deals with themes of belonging, family, friendship, and being different. […]

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