Wonderstruck (2017)

Wonderstruck Movie Review Despite what the title suggests, “Wonderstruck” represents a rare disappointment from master filmmaker Todd Haynes . It’s gorgeous, of course, with all the sumptuous lensing, rich sense of place and meticulous eye for period detail we’ve come to expect and luxuriate in from the director of “Far From Heaven” and “ Carol .” And it’s certainly ambitious from a narrative perspective as it jumps back and forth between two mysteriously connected stories—one of which is entirely wordless. But the emotional payoff just isn’t there, despite a lengthy build-up of cosmic proportions, which ultimately renders the entire effort a twee exercise in style over substance. It’s Haynes’ most accessible work for a broad audience, though—and it’s definitely the only film he’s made that younger viewers can see—so maybe it’ll inspire folks unfamiliar with him to seek out his more challenging fare. Based on the novel of the same name by author and illustrator Brian Selznick , whose The Invention of Hugo Cabret inspired Martin Scorsese ’s fanciful “ Hugo ,” “Wonderstruck” follows the adventures of two kids who run away to New York City, 50 years apart, seeking answers and a sense of peace. Both are lonely […]

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