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By Amanda Weber [email protected] Powell and Montgomery talked about their views on international adoption. Photo by Mai Vu Phuong. Tinker Powell and Mark Montgomery are economics professors at Grinnell College. They recently wrote a book on international adoption, called “ Saving International Adoption: An Argument From Economics and Personal Experience. ” The S&B’s Amanda Weber sat down with them to talk about the book. The S&B: What made you want to write about the topic of international adoption? Mark Montgomery: Well, we’re international adoptive parents. We have three children: we have a birth child who’s 32 now — a Grinnell grad — we have a son who’s 26, who was [adopted] in infancy from Texas — he’s African American — and then, about 18 years ago now, we adopted a boy from Sierra Leone at six and a half in West Africa. I guess the thing that got us interested in writing the book was international adoption is collapsing, and we wondered why. The other thing we wondered about was why so few African countries [are] putting kids up for adoption when they famously have an orphan crisis after AIDS. So that was sort of the motivating factor. The […]

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