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Amanda Weber [email protected] Powell Montgomery talked about their views on international adoption. Photo Mai Vu Phuong. Tinker Powell and Montgomery are economics professors at Grinnell College. They recently wrote a book on international adoption, called “ Saving International Adoption: An Argument From Economics and Personal Experience. ” The S&B’s Amanda Weber sat down with them talk about the book. The S&B: What you want write about the topic of international adoption? Mark Montgomery: Well, we’ international adoptive parents. We have three children: we have a birth child ’s 32 now — a Grinnell grad — we have a son ’s 26, was [adopted] in infancy from Texas — he’s African American — and then, about 18 years ago now, we adopted a boy from Sierra Leone at six and a half in West Africa. I guess the that got us interested in writing the book was international adoption is collapsing, and we wondered why. The other we wondered about was why so few African countries [are] putting kids up for adoption when they famously have an orphan crisis after AIDS. So that was sort of the motivating factor. The […]

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