By: the­walk­er­in­me Uni assign­ment: Write pitch and script for the screen, this was mine, aka. moth­er escap­ing an abu­sive hus­band with her to her grandmother’s hotel, and also some low-key myth­i­cal crea­tures. Pitch: Out in the mid­dle of nowhere, behind the façade of an old, fam­i­ly-run, opu­lence hotel, a pop­u­lar rumour has been cir­cu­lat­ing for cen­turies that the fam­i­ly who live there are dif­fer­ent. hap­pen­ings have been said to occur around the area. Peo­ple say they are Hea­thens, or druids, and in some cas­es even witch­es. Frankly, Cait­lyn, moth­er of two, doesn’t care. Her main focus is on get­ting her chil­dren out of the reach of her abu­sive hus­band. The place they , how­ev­er, is none oth­er than Caitlyn’s estranged grandmother’s fam­i­ly-run hotel… Main char­ac­ters: CAITLYN: 39 /​o. Female. Afro–/​Caucasian. Brown skin. Brown eyes. Short, shaved hair, and a bruised eye. Dressed in a worn coat, T-shirt, jeans and walk­ing boots, with a small crys­tal pen­dant dan­gling from a string neck­lace. ASHLEY: 17 y/​o. Male. Asian/​Afro–/​Caucasian. Light brown skin. Dark brown eyes. Wavy, brown, medi­um-length hair pulled back behind his ears. Dressed in a hood­ie, trousers and train­ers. DREW: 5 y/​o. Female. Asian/​Afro–/​Caucasian. Brown skin. […]