By: thewalkerinme Uni assignment: Write a pitch and script for the screen, this was mine, aka. A mother escaping an abusive husband with her kids to her grandmother’s hotel, and also some low-key mythical creatures. Pitch: Out in the middle of nowhere, behind the facade of an old, family-run, opulence hotel, a popular rumour has been circulating for centuries that the family who live there are different. Strange happenings have been said to occur around the area. People say they are Heathens, or druids, and in some cases even witches. Frankly, Caitlyn, mother of two, doesn’t care. Her main focus is on getting her children out of the reach of her abusive husband. The place they go, however, is none other than Caitlyn’s estranged grandmother’s family-run hotel… Main characters: CAITLYN: 39 y/o. Female. Afro-Caribbean/Caucasian. Brown skin. Brown eyes. Short, shaved hair, and a bruised eye. Dressed in a worn coat, T-shirt, jeans and walking boots, with a small crystal pendant dangling from a string necklace. ASHLEY: 17 y/o. Male. Asian/Afro-Caribbean/Caucasian. Light brown skin. Dark brown eyes. Wavy, brown, medium-length hair pulled back behind his ears. Dressed in a hoodie, trousers and trainers. DREW: 5 y/o. Female. Asian/Afro-Caribbean/Caucasian. Brown skin. […]

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