Writing Microfiction Q&A Susan McCreery

Susan McCreery is a writer from Thirroul, NSW. Her microfiction has been published widely. Her short fiction have been published in Sleepers Almanac , Award Winning Australian Writing (010, 01, 013), and Island . She was awarded Australian Society of Authors Mentorship in 014. LOOPHOLE, noun . 1. An escape route from a sticky . . A chink in the system that allows us circumvent or avoid consequences. These perfectly formed microfictions provide glimpses into the everyday challenges of family life, relationships, ageing and loss. McCreery’s characters typical humans – flawed, vulnerable, frustrating and frustrated. Told with empathy and wit and honed with a wordsmith’s skill, Loopholes makes us see ourselves and other differently. Q&A with Susan McCreery has been edited from the Tablo discussion in the Spineless Wonders space. The questions were from a range of writers connected the Spineless Wonders community – specific names have not included here. You have published a collection of poetry and your short stories have been widely anthologised. How long have you been writing microfiction and how did you first get into it? Microfiction sort of found me. Through comps and publishing opportunities. Run by fabulous […]

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