Sue Grafton’s latest novel the second to last in a series spanning A to Z and 35 years worth of best-selling murder mysteries featuring fictional female detective Kinsey Millhone. DWANE BROWN, HOST: It all started with "A For Alibi," then came "B For Burglar," "C For Corpse" and on and on the alphabet for mystery novelist Sue Grafton and her character, the spunky female detective Kinsey Millhone. And now, Sue Grafton has her latest book out, "Y For Yesterday," , by the way, out on , leaving only one more letter, one more novel to wrap up 35 years, Sue, worth of murder, mayhem and mystery. Sue Grafton joins me from member station WFPL in Louisville, her home town. Thank you for joining us. SUE GRAFTON: You’re welcome. It’s fun. BROWN: Well, guess my first question why, Sue, why? Get it, like, you know, the letter Y. Sorry. GRAFTON: What was I ? Well, I got into the alphabet. I don’t know if you’re aware of this. My father crime fiction. He was an attorney here in town, but he was crazy detective novels. So he wrote […]