YA Fiction From A to Z Part 1: A Authors

All YA fiction (that I find) written by authors last name begins A. Series, will likely be combined into one. Only goes up to the 2016 ( include some series books that came out earlier this year though). Middle-Grade books are not included so things like Almond’s books or Lloyd Alexander whose books are middle-grade, will not be . Might be making a middle-grade list like this after I’m done this massive list. THE SECRET SKY (Atia Abawi) Summer Boys (Hailey Abbott) The Other Boy (Hailey Abbott) Getting With Boys (Hailey Abbott) Forbidden Boy (Hailey Abbott) Does My Head Look Big in This? (Randa Abdel-Fattah) Ten Things I Hate About Me (Randa Abdel-Fattah) Where the Streets Had a Name (Randa Abel-Fattah) The Sweetest Dark (Shana Abe) Down the Rabbit Hole (Peter Abrahams) the Curtain (Peter Abrahams) Into the Dark (Peter Abrahams) Touch (Jus Accardo) Dark Companion (Marta Acosta) Hat Trick (Jeff Adams) Sparks ( Selzer) Behind the Scenes (Dahlia ) Under the Lights (Dahlia ) Hades (Alexandra Adornetto) Heaven (Alexandra Adornetto) Ghost House (Alexandra Adornetto) Illuminate (Aimee Agresti) All YA fiction (that I could find) written by authors whose last name […]

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