All YA fic­tion (that I could find) by authors whose last name begins with A. Series, be com­bined into one. Only goes up to the year 2016 (might include some series books that came out ear­li­er this year though). -Grade books not includ­ed so things like David Almond’s books or Lloyd Alexan­der whose books -grade, will not be here. Might be mak­ing a -grade list like this after I’m done with this mas­sive list. THE SECRET SKY (Atia Abawi) Sum­mer Boys (Hai­ley Abbott) The Oth­er Boy (Hai­ley Abbott) Get­ting Lost With Boys (Hai­ley Abbott) For­bid­den Boy (Hai­ley Abbott) Does My Head Look Big in This? (Ran­da Abdel-Fat­tah) Things I Hate About Me (Ran­da Abdel-Fat­tah) Where the Streets Had a Name (Ran­da Abel-Fat­tah) The Sweet­est Dark (Shana Abe) Down the Rab­bit Hole (Peter Abra­hams) Behind the Cur­tain (Peter Abra­hams) Into the Dark (Peter Abra­hams) Touch (Jus Accar­do) Dark Com­pan­ion (Mar­ta Acos­ta) Hat Trick (Jeff Adams) Sparks (Adam Selz­er) Behind the Scenes (Dahlia Adler) Under the Lights (Dahlia Adler) Hades (Alexan­dra Ador­net­to) Heav­en (Alexan­dra Ador­net­to) Ghost House (Alexan­dra Ador­net­to) Illu­mi­nate (Aimee Agresti) All YA fic­tion (that I could find) writ­ten by authors whose last name […]