Aos Rollard Marryat Interstellar Corporation 9 The case for the unsafe nature cloning: loss and the loss of Self within Capsuleers Aos Rollard and Huang Yan University of Caille Sinq Laison – Bourynes VII – 2 Abstract Many researchers that Cromeaux Inc. had a history of questionable medical practises to its name and further research into their application of cloning technology discovered that this may cause severe mental defects such as loss and Borderline Identity Disorder within Capsuleers who enjoy excessive usable of the products. Many Bioinformaticians would agree that, had it not been Cromeaux Inc for their ground-breaking work on analysing pusedogenetic archetypes, current understanding of the genome would be heavily flawed [1]. However, through sampling a random population of veteran Capsuleers using their medical cloning services, we have discovered that their use of exothermal burning scans is extremely harmful to the brain and could cause a permanent decrease of -recall capabilities, incremental loss time, and a rare possibility of developing a damaged frontal lobe structure due to slight inaccuracies by the data loss that comes exothermal scans of the brain even in the best case […]

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